Episode 2

EP.02 Helen Fitzroy on Living Through Tragedy, Advocating Safety and Leading by Example

Mining workplace safety – On today’s episode of Full Production, we heard an extremely personal and powerful story. That story belongs to author, speaker, counselor, consultant and safety advocate Helen Fitzroy. Helen’s passion for workplace safety started following the death of her husband, Steve, in an underground mining accident in Norseman, WA in 1991. The accident left Helen a widow in her early thirties with three young children to raise. Since then, Helen has been tirelessly committed to changing the mining industry for the better.

Helen was kind enough to sit down and tell me her story in detail. We talked about her early years, the accident involving her husband and what she did in the aftermath. We touched on dealing with grief, how workplace safety is changing, and her experience as a speaker and advocate over the last 20 years.  

Listen to the full episode to hear Helen’s story, plus all of this too:

  • How Helen has turned tragedy into triumph
  • The benefits of speaking out
  • Pros and cons of quantity-based incentives
  • What inspired Helen to take legal action after her husband’s death
  • Helen’s early years and how it shaped her life
  • What makes Helen angry about workers’ comp rules
  • How mining accident victim’s legacies are not well enough protected
  • Why more compassion is needed in mining
  • What makes Helen nervous about mining today


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