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The Full Production Podcast

The mining industry is like no other, so Peter handpicks his guests to talk about the issues and solutions that are rolled out across the industry week after week. Hear about the ways that mine operations and people in the industry are solving some of the most complex and head scratching problems and, of course, hearing about exciting projects along with some great stories from across the industry.

On the Full Production podcast, Peter provides a platform for listeners to get behind the conversations that people are having in the mining industry. The only way to know what’s really happening is to listen and talk to the right people – something that Peter brings to the table week after week. Full Production gives you the window you need to leverage your career, personal profile, and plugs you into the pulse that drives the industry every day.


The Full Production Podcast has an initiative to support charities aligned with the show’s values of supporting miners and making positive change within the mining industry.


Join Peter each week as he brings you the people that have the experience and the proven track record in dealing with the trials and tribulations of working in the mining industry.


Join Peter Finn as he navigates his way through the issues, wins and advances being made in the mining industry in the Australian-Pacific region.


Peter Finn

Host of Full Production
Peter has been working in mining since he was 17 years old and has dug his way to the top of the industry as a leader in contract labour supply and many other specialized services.