EP.86 Debrief of the 2019 Worthy Parts Industry Link Auction and Expo with Michael Worthington and Gary Brown

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This week we welcome back Michael Worthington and Gary Brown of Worthy Parts and Industry Link Media. We chat over the massively successful Worthy Parts Industry Link Auction & Expo that was recently on in Kalgoorlie from October 24-25.  

We discussed:  

  • Highlights for this years’ Worthy Parts Industry Link and Expo, including the more than 150 exhibitors, the Mining Legends project, and Casey Stoner.  
  • The Mining Legends unveiling event and how you can help with the project. 
  • Looking forward to the next event – where and when it will be on. 
  • Overview of the event from the guys that made it all happen. 
  • Gary & Wortho’s favourite parts of the event and some memorable moments. 



Event preview episode with Gary Brown 

Worthy Parts Industry Link Auction and Expo 

Worthy Parts  

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