EP 108

EP.108 Tom Baskovich on the Nuts and Bolts of Mining and Innovation in Site Safety

Innovation is a word that gets thrown around a lot in the mining industry, but what does it mean to make a real impact?

This week we chat to Tom Baskovich, Director of Product Development at Segnut. We caught up to Tom early this year in Perth.

In this episode, Tom talks about the leaps and bounds Segnut has made in improving safety on mine sites and beyond. We get to hear all about their innovation in the nuts and bolts of mining.

We also discussed:

  • An overview of Segnut and how it’s helping the mining industry.
  • Background on Segnut’s inventor and founding director, Brian Bradshaw.
  • The benefits of working smart when doing physical labour.
  • Your motivation and “why” as keys to achieving your goals.
  • How Segnut shaped their invention into what it is today and the value gained from the process.
  • The stages of bringing the Segnut to market.


Segnut – Website

Segnut – LinkedIn

 Segnut – Facebook

Tom Baskovich – LinkedIn

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