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The Key Elements to Building a Successful Workplace

The mining industry is full of fantastically creative minds – the problem is they aren’t often utilized. One man’s conundrum may be another man’s speciality, so skill sharing and communicating ideas could be a great way to problem solve and develop. Aaron Schier understands this all too well. He’s the new general manager CORE Innovation Hub and has learned first-hand how valuable networking, skill development and a good communicative environment is to a business. On a recent episode of Full Production, Aaron brought a few great points.

Having a Nurturing Work Environment

Although Aaron is still a newbie within CORE, he likens his new environment to that of a family. “These people are all approachable and here to help you,” aiding him in realising his own setbacks and recognising his lack of knowledge on certain aspects of the job. Everyone is there to help each other to get ahead, a driving culture that sees its employees comfortably communicating ideas and developing strategies.

Working within a space that allows someone to grow has multiple benefits. Not only do the individual’s skills develop but so does the general desire to show up and perform.  This comes as a direct result of an employee feeling supported and nurtured. It’s a question of building strong communities to get the best out of people.

Build a Diversely Skilled Workplace

Diversity can play a crucial role within an industry. Here, diversity doesn’t just mean multiple ethnicities, genders or age groups – although also important, we’re referring to the level of skills and expertise that are available amongst individuals.

Aaron sees the value in having a well-rounded skill set within a company and gives the example of autonomous and machine technology. If a fault develops with an autonomous mining truck, and you send multiple technicians down to resolve the problem then you are wasting time, money, and energy.

Education and skill development also has huge benefits, it’s not about being a complete expert Aaron suggests “it’s just that little bit of awareness and understanding. It will take them a long way in their careers, and be so much more valuable for the end user.” He believes that having multi-layered comprehensive skills are something that should be encouraged for the next generation of workers.  

Network as Much As Possible

Aaron’s initial introduction into the CORE team made a big impression on him. From having a beer and personally getting to know people, to being in a professional environment where people had a genuine interest in how he was. It was a perfect networking environment.

Aaron completed his MBA course back in 2018, and networking was an important feature here too. “The connections you make, you actually get to network with these other like-minded people,” he says “smart cookies that think outside the box and come up with some amazing ideas.” He enjoys the safety of that space, where he can use other compatible people as a sounding board for ideas.  

Networking is a great way to develop lasting, valuable relationships. It encourages progression and growth on a personal level as well as professionally. Having those people who understand your implications will end up bringing the best out of you.

Listen to the entire conversation here.

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