EP.113 Steve Poznik on Life in the Mining Industry and Starting the Conversation Around Men’s Mental Health

How can we make a real impact on mental health in the mining industry? 

In this episode, we chat to Steve Poznik, miner and man behind Dirty Hole Designs – a clothing and merchandise company for miners that goes so much deeper than that.

We chat about his mining journey and what inspired Steve to start a company dedicated to miners, that does so much to support the industry.

Learn about Steve’s yearly mental health campaign going on now, and how you can get involved.

Check out Dirty Hole Designs Mental Health Campaign on now until November.

We also discussed:

  • How Steve is dealing with Covid-19, his brush with quarantine, and how other miners are making FIFO life work during this time.
  • Steve’s mining background and his experience working in Cobar, Pete’s hometown.
  • Getting used to the mining environment and advice for green miners.
  • The importance of mental health in the mining industry
  • Insight into Steve’s mental health initiative on now, and how you can get involved.
  • Helping others to integrate into the mining community, especially new entrants.
  • How to build a positive culture on a mine site.
  • The unsuspecting start of Dirty Hole Designs and what it’s all about.



Steven Poznik – LinkedIn

Dirty Hole Designs – Website

Dirty Hole Designs – Facebook

Dirty Hole Designs – Instagram

Email Dirty Hole Designs at


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