EP.94 Shane Goodwin on Creating Connection in Indigenous Communities and Social Sustainability in Mining

The impacts that come with any mining operation can be turned into opportunities with the right approach and mindset. 

This week on Full Production we chat to Shane Goodwin, Head of Corporate Affairs and Social Responsibility for New Century Resources. 

In this episode, Shane talks about the importance of connecting with the community in mining and how he works in all corners of it. We also get some great insight into the New Century’s projects and operations as well as some of the unique approaches they’ve taken with their surrounding communities. 

We also discussed: 

  • Shane’s background and how he came to New Century Resources. 
  • A look at mining operations in the  
  • More insight into Shane’s role and how he works in with the community. 
  • Working together with native title groups in the mining industry. 
  • The importance of having conversations with the community in today’s mining environment. 
  • Bringing engagement and connection back to basics. 
  • Looking after the environment in mining. 
  • The importance of community relations in mining and its impact on operations. 



New Century Resources – Website 

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Shane Goodwin – LinkedIn

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