EP.101 Peter Finn Talking COVID-19 and the Future of Mining on Beneath The Surface with Sean Lavin

In this unprecedented time, what does moving forward look like, and how can we take care of our fellow miners? 

This week we tune in to Peter Finn’s interview on the Beneath The Surface podcast, hosted by Sean Lavin. Sean is a fellow miner, podcaster, as well as mining industry changemaker. 

Sean and Pete chat over how COVID-19 has affected the mining industry, and stories of how people are getting through this crisis together. 

We also discussed: 

  • Podcasting in the mining industry. 
  • The mining industry during COVID-19 and how it’s affected Pete and Sean. 
  • Talking about the way forward for mining. 
  • How politicians have handled the pandemic, and how mining comes into play. 
  • Your mindset and staying positive during this time. 
  • A sneak peek at TechMiner. 



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Sean Lavin – Website
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Beneath The Surface Podcast 


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