EP 103-01

EP.103 Philip Jones on Living Your Values and Stepping Outside of Your Career Comfort Zone

Growth can be scary, but that doesn’t mean you have to put your career on hold or sacrifice your values. We explore how to make the most of those difficult decision-making times. 

In this episode, we chat to Philip Jones, Exploration & Geology Manager for OceanaGold at their Macraes operation. 

We caught up with Phil a few months back at the head office for the OceanaGold Macraes Operation located in the South Island of New Zealand. We get more insight into this unique operation as well as some great advice from Phil for anyone looking to further their mining career. 

We also discussed: 

  • Phil’s background and how he ended up at Macraes.  
  • The coronavirus landscape back when it all started. 
  • Talking mining history in New Zealand and background on the Macraes site. 
  • Insights on building a team in a mining operation. 
  • New developments and the future of the Macraes site. 
  • Advice for people feeling stuck in their mining career. 



OceanaGold – Website  

OceanaGold – Macraes Goldfield Mine  

OceanaGold Macraes Operation – Facebook  

OceanaGold – LinkedIn 

Phil Jones – LinkedIn  

Email Phil – philip.jones@oceanagold.com 

For more on OceanaGold and mining in New Zealand, check out our interview with Matt Hine, General Manger at OceanaGold’s Macraes Operation. 

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