Episode 12

EP.12 Peter Finn on Aligning Your Values, Making Mining More Human, and Making an Impact, with Brett Robbo

If you want to improve your life and make an impact for the better on your business, industry and community then listen on. This week’s episode of Full Production is a bit different. The tables are turned, not to mention the microphone. When you’re the one facing the questions, it really focuses the mind. Brett Robbo asks me some tough questions that lets me talk about why I am so passionate about miners and the mining industry and why the best way forward is to put the human element back into the work we do.

There are unique challenges in the mining industry and I know that I am positioned to have a real and positive impact on solving them. From building community involvement to working with integrity, through helping to change the approaches to more production & safer working environments on site. I hope this episode gives you an insight into my approach to the mining industry and the people who I work with, my values, and the impact I’m trying to have on the industry and the world, both personally and with FACE Contracting.

Brett and I delve deep into things like:

  •      Creating a paradigm shift in your life and industry
  •      The importance of asking questions of yourself
  •      Aligning your values with how you live your life
  •      Adding the human factor to mining
  •      The numbers game versus the human game
  •      Moving beyond fixed mindsets
  •      Giving back to an industry that gives so much
  •      Changing the perception of mining
  •      Making an impact on the industry, business and communities



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