EP.104 Pete Seligman on Taking Action and Finding the Right Steps to Achieve Your Goals

How can you take action on your goals and move closer to what you want to achieve?

This week we interview Pete Seligman, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Alpin – an investment, consulting, and advisory firm that helps support business owners to achieve their goals.

He is also the host of The Next Step podcast, which is a great resource for anyone building their own business or even looking to progress their career.

In this episode, Pete talks about how to take action on your goals and move closer to what you want to achieve.

We also discussed:

  • How the Pete’s met and the value of Austmine.
  • How lockdown is affecting Pete in the era of Covid-19.
  • Some tips on how to transition your business to working remotely and positive changes we can look forward to.
  • Job titles and their importance in the mining industry.
  • Talking podcasting and how Pete got started with his podcast, The Next Step.
  • The peaks and troughs of owning your own business and becoming an entrepreneur.
  • How to deal with nervousness about stepping outside your limits.
  • Pete’s background and how he’s grown a few different businesses.



Alpin – Website 

Alpin – LinkedIn 

Pete Seligman – LinkedIn 

The Next Step – Spotify 

The Next Step – Apple Podcasts    

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