EP.117 Mark Daniel on Getting Your Resume Ready for the Mining Industry and Taking Control of Your Career Journey

Looking for your next mining role or trying to get your foot in the door?

In this episode, Pete chats to Mark Daniel, Director of Real Life Career Advice. Mark is a seasoned professional who has helped support countless people in their job search journey.

We take a deep dive into getting your resume ready for the mining industry. Whether it’s for your first mining job or if you’re looking to make a career move, we’ve got heaps of advice on how to take your resume to the next level.

We also discussed:

  • Mark’s background and how he started his career coaching business.
  • The main components of a successful resume.
  • How Mark helps job seekers stack the odds in their favour every day.
  • What people often get wrong when building their resume.
  • How to get in touch with Mark for more personalised help.


Mark Daniel – LinkedIn

Real Life Career Advice – Website

Real Life Career Advice – LinkedIn

Real Life Career Advice – YouTube

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