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EP.98 Leanne Drew on How to Get Into The Mining Industry and Making the Most of Your Mining Career

Getting started in the mining industry doesn’t have to be challenging. This week hear about how you can take advantage of the many resources and support networks in the mining industry.

This week we chat to Leanne Drew, a seasoned miner who is also a writer, blogger and Host of the Beers With A Miner podcast.

Leanne helps others in their mining journey, through sharing stories, tips and advice. Whether you’re just getting started or looking for more direction in your career – Leanne has heaps of resources for all kinds of miners.

We also discussed:

  • How Leanne is helping people on the mining industry.
  • Leanne’s background and over 13 years’ experience in the mining industry.
  • Why Leanne decided to leave the mining industry.
  • What’s coming up on Beer’s With A Miner Podcast.
  • How mining in Mackay is going.
  • What Leanne’s favourite roles were in her mining career.
  • Some great podcast recommendations from Leanne.
  • How Leanne got into podcasting.
  • Leanne’s top tips for those wanting to get into the mining industry.
  • Women in mining.
  • How to deal fatigue and getting shift work right.


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Beers With A Miner Podcast

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