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Changing the Face of Mining, One Conversation at a Time

The Full Production podcast gives people in mining the chance to listen in on conversations shaping the industry. Now 70+ episodes later and more than a year down the track, Full Production is launching a brand-new charity initiative as well as a new website.

Each week, host Peter Finn brings you some of the top minds in mining to talk about active operations and new projects coming online, navigating a career in mining, news and innovation, as well as the unique challenges facing the industry.

“A year ago, when I was first starting out, my vision was to have guests on who could really speak to what was going on in the mining industry. I wanted people to have access to those conversations that really gave me a leg up when I was coming up in my career,” says Finn.

“I never expected that the podcast would bring together a whole community people involved in the mining industry, it has taken on its own life.”

Listeners can get to know Peter Finn’s full story on episode 12 of the podcast, where he’s interviewed by best mate Brett Robbo.

Peter Finn has more than 15 years’ experience working in the mining industry and is the owner of FACE Contracting, a mining contracting outfit that specialises in delivering labour-hire and workforce management services for a variety of project scopes and sizes, all around Australia.

“For a long time, I thought about how I could spend my time and energy towards making the mining industry better, and I feel the podcast allows me to do that by providing a platform for people to connect,” says Finn.

Peter Finn has had on a variety of characters on his show, including names such as James Wood, Ashok Parekh, John Bowler, and Michael Worthington.

Full Production is doing more for miners

The Full Production podcast is proud to launch an initiative to support charities aligned with the show’s values of supporting miners and making positive change within the mining industry. Its goal is to raise awareness about organisations in Australia, and around the world, that provide valuable resources and services to the mining industry.

Full Production is currently partnering with the following charities to make this happen:

Miners’ Promise

Miners’ Promise is an independent not-for-profit organisation that provides practical, emotional and financial support to workers in the Australian resources sector and their immediate families when impacted by a crisis event or death. Listen to founding member Helen Fitzroy and Family Support Adviser Geniene on the podcast.

Mining Legends

The Mining Legends Project is a community-driven initiative which was launched at the recent Worthy Parts, Industry Link Expo event in Kalgoorlie. It involves a complete rebuild on a R2900G Loader, with all parts and labour aimed to be pledged by donation. The machine will then be sold off to a mining company and proceeds distributed to several critical organisations and charities throughout the Goldfields and Australian Mining communities. Listen to Michael Worthington, owner of Worthy Parts and Industry Link Media, the man who is behind the concept on the podcast.

“Giving back is important to me and it’s something I want to incorporate into everything I do,” says Finn.

“A lot of it comes down to people, you treat people like people, or how you’d like to be treated, and you’ll get more out of everything you do in life.”

“You never know when you’re going to be the one in a tough situation, that’s why I’m keen to highlight organisations driving positive change in the mining industry.”

As part of this initiative, Full Production is supporting its guests to support the show’s charity partners by gifting promotions to those who donate. The promotions will also allow guests an opportunity to learn about products and services that might be helpful to them or the wider mining community.

All funds donated through the podcast go to charity. You can learn more about this new initiative on the Full Production website.

The new hub for everything mining

The Full Production podcast now has its own website, where listeners can catch new episodes, find information about the guests and their companies, as well as read up on interesting mining industry content and news.

Join the Full Production Facebook group and be a part of a thriving community of other miners and people involved in the mining industry. Get live updates from host Peter Finn, as well as exclusive content and networking opportunities.

Fans of the podcast can contact to provide feedback and ideas for the podcast, or to enquire about coming on the show as a guest.

Listen to Full Production at, or on all your favourite podcast platforms.

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