EP.95 Lachlan Samuel on Making Mental Health Mainstream and Living the Realities of FIFO Life

Being vulnerable is hard, but openness and authenticity can create powerful change in a person’s life.

This week on Full Production we chat to Lachlan Samuel, ex-FIFO worker, podcast host, and founding director of Open Up Group.

In this episode Lachlan talks about how he’s working towards “Making Mental Health Mainstream” in the FIFO community and beyond.

We also discussed:

  • The events that shaped Lachlan’s current outlook on life.
  • His powerful story about getting evacuated from site.
  • How he’s using his past experience to help others.
  • Learning how to balance FIFO life and what’s he’s doing to provide resources for others.
  • Opening up and being vulnerable.
  • How he’s created a community through opening up and sharing his story.
  • What’s coming up next for Lachlan and the Open Up Group.


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