EP.106 Kristy Hunter on Marketing for Miners and Looking Ahead to Life After Covid-19

How can miners and businesses servicing the mining industry put their best foot forward as we enter our “new normal”?

This week we interview Kristy Hunter, Director and Marketing Strategist for Hunter Marketing Co.

No stranger to the mining industry, Kristy gives us some great advice on marketing during Covid-19 and how businesses can come out ahead as things return to normal.

We also hear Kristy’s story on how she found her calling and tips for others who might be feeling stuck in their career.

We discussed:

  • How Pete and Kristy structured their businesses to be remote.
  • Advice to businesses for getting through Covid-19.
  • Working out your path in life and how Kristy found her calling.
  • Kristy’s background and how she came to start her own business.
  • Marketing tactics for beginners.
  • How Pete and Kristy were connected through Pete Seligman, who’s also been on the podcast.


Hunter Marketing Co. – Website

Hunter Marketing Co. – LinkedIn

Hunter Marketing Co. – Facebook

Hunter Marketing Co. – YouTube

Kristy Hunter – LinkedIn

Email Kristy – kristy@huntermarketing.co

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