EP.119 Meet the FACE Team: Keepa Mewett talks Mining Across Borders, Pro Rugby Life, and Building Great Teams

What’s the value of having the right people on your team? In this episode, we take a deep dive with our Operations Support Manager Keepa Mewett on his recipe for building great teams. 

Between growing up in mining communities, to going pro Rugby player, to owning a gym, Keepa knows the ins and outs of making any operation successful. 

We get to know more about Keepa’s background and how he is helping others find the right mining roles every day at FACE. Keepa and Pete also cover off exciting new developments and services coming up for FACE Contracting. 

Listen in to find out why we’re excited to have him on board. 

We discussed: 

  • Growing up in a mining family and moving to different mining towns. 
  • How Keepa got his start playing rugby and his journey to going pro. 
  • Learnings on how to get the right cohesion happening in your team. 
  • Comparing mining cultures from Australia, to New Zealand, and beyond. 
  • How Keepa feels about the future of the mining industry and best tips for new entrants. 
  • Insight into Keepa’s other ventures, such as his gym and podcast. 


FACE Contracting – Website 

Keepa Mewett – LinkedIn
Email Keepa – kmewett@facecontracting.com.au 

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