EP.61 The Importance of Keeping Disciplined, Learning From Practical Experience and Maintaining Working Relationships with John Barnes

Discipline is not just something reserved for the military, it is also a key to developing yourself within your career.

Each Wednesday, join me, Peter Finn, managing director of FACE Contracting, as I navigate the ups and downs of the mining industry with forward-thinking professionals from all walks of life. If you’re involved in the mining industry in any way – whether you’re a lifer or a high-school student looking to make the leap – Full Production is the podcast for you.

On today’s episode of Full Production, I speak with John Barnes the Chief Operating Officer for the Runruno site at Metals Exploration.  John embodies the true meaning of a driven person. His good discipline practices developed due to the strict daily chores bestowed on him by his devoted grandmother. However rigorous it was, this practice was a blessing in disguise, and set the foundation for the rest of his life – from his compulsory military service to his current career and fitness regime.

John is a highly knowledgeable mining professional, accruing over 25 years’ experience in different aspects of the mining industry. His preference for incorporating practical experience versus just acquiring a piece of paper has put him in good standing as a truly passionate and innovative leader within the mining industry.

Within this episode, we explore his ideas surrounding productivity and increasing standards. Not only that, we get to hear about John’s fascinating work and personal background as well as how he ended up in a forest in the Philippines surrounded by orangutans.

Also within this episode:

  • Finding discipline at work and within sport
  • John’s compulsory military service experience
  • Growing up in South Africa and staying connected
  • The changes John has seen in mining
  • Why practical experience is so important
  • Learning from the older generation of workers
  • Using the diversity of your team members to your advantage
  • Having the right management, and the right structure
  • Why people in the Philippines have an unquenchable appreciation of opportunities
  • John’s small expat team and what they bring to the table
  • Navigating communication with native governments
  • Embracing new mining technology



LinkedIn – John Barnes
Metals Exploration – Website

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