EP 105

EP.105 Jeremy Palmer on Understanding Miners and Lessons in Mining Leadership

Miners are a unique breed of workers who are subject to many different factors – how do you strike the work/life balance right?

In this episode we interview Jeremy Palmer, Managing Director of Quattro Project Engineering. Quattro is a consulting engineering, management and contracting company servicing the resources industry.

In this episode we get some great insights into using empathy, vulnerability, and transparency in the workplace. Jeremy talks about moments in his career that defined the way he leads his team, and how he is helping to look after others in the era of Covid-19.

We discussed:

  • What lockdown has been like for Jeremy.
  • How Covid-19 will change the way we work in the mining industry.
  • Jeremy’s background and growing up in a mining family.
  • The key moments that shaped Jeremy’s career and what he regards as most important when working with miners.
  • Dealing with stress in the mining industry and tools on how to get through it.
  • Reflecting on how lockdown and Covid-19 have affected the mining industry.
  • Utilizing empathy, vulnerability and transparency in leading people.
  • The history of Quattro and insights into the working environment.
  • Some of Quattro’s current projects and what they’re looking forward to.
  • What Jeremy is looking for in his team members and how you can get involved.



Quattro – Website

Quattro – LinkedIn

Jeremy Palmer – LinkedIn

Get in touch with Quattro – info@quattrope.com

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