EP.115 Frank Schlichting of Exploring Abandoned Mines on Diving Deep Into Mining History

In this episode, we dive deep into some of the amazing discoveries and adventures from exploring historical abandoned mines in North America. 

Today Pete chats to Frank Schlichting from the massively popular YouTube channel – Exploring Abandoned Mines 

Frank has travelled to remote locations all over Canada, the United States, and Mexico to explore historic abandoned mines. 

Frank talks about his background, how he got started, and how he’s using his experience and technology to safely go further and deeper than anyone else. 

We also discussed: 

  • Mining history in North America. 
  • Interesting mining explorations Frank has done over the years. 
  • How the Exploring Abandoned Mines channel got started and the unsuspecting career that came out of it. 
  • What’s next for Frank and what he’s looking forward to. 



Frank Schlichting – LinkedIn 

Exploring Abandoned Mines – YouTube Channel  

Exploring Abandoned Mines – Facebook Group 

Exploring Abandoned Mines – Merch Shop 

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