EP 107

EP.107 Chris O’Connor on Mining Through Generations and Building Your Mining Journey

Mining is more than just an industry – it’s been a way of life for people for generations. How can you look after your own legacy in your mining career?

This week we chat to Christopher O’Connor, Director of Cleveland Compressed Air Services. Pete caught up to Chris at last year’s Worthy Parts Industry Link Auction & Expo in Kalgoorlie.

In this episode Chris talks about his mining journey and lessons learned over nearly 30 years in business.

We also discussed:

  • Chris’s backstory, how he came to Australia, and growing up in a mining family.
  • Talking how coal mining in Australia has changed over time.
  • Making decisions when coming up in your mining career.
  • Insight into Cleveland Compressors and the compressor world.
  • How Cleveland Compressors have developed best practices over the years.


Cleveland Compressed Air Services – Website

Cleveland Compressed Air Services – LinkedIn

Cleveland Compressed Air Services – Facebook

Contact Cleveland Compressed Air Services – info@ccair.net.au

Chris O’Connor – LinkedIn


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