EP.114 Brett Robbo on Growing Up in a Mining Community and How to Create a Life of Impact

How can you create a life of impact for yourself while working in the mining industry?

This week on Full Production we welcome back Brett Robbo, host of the Your Life of Impact podcast as well as Founder and Director of LIFE, which stands for Living Intentionally For Excellence.  

This time we get to take a deep dive into Brett’s background and life – including how he helps bring out the best in people with his coaching business.  

This episode of the Full Production Podcast also has a big announcement about some updates coming soon – tune in to learn more! 

We also discussed: 

  • Growing up in Cobar and the influence of the mining community in Pete & Brett’s early years. 
  • Brett’s journey and key points in his life that helped shaped who he was today. 
  • How Brett defines success and methods he uses to achieve his goals. 
  • How to make the most of your days off.
  • How Brett helps bring the best out of people in his coaching business.
  • Actionable tips you can try right now to help reach your goals. 



Your Life Of Impact – Website 

LIFE – Instagram 

LIFE – Facebook  

Brett Robbo – LinkedIn 

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