EP 97

EP.97 Austin McWilliams on Shutdowns, Safety, and Putting People First in Mining

The most important asset in any mining company, or business, is people.

This week Pete chats to Austin McWilliams, WA State Manager for McMahon Services and Director of SafeCheck. We caught up Austin last year at the Worthy Parts Industry Link Expo & Auction in Kalgoorlie.

We chat through Austin’s mining journey as well as a look at SafeCheck and McMahon Services and the values within the companies.

We also discussed:

  • Breaking down Austin’s roles and what he does in each.
  • Austin’s background and how he came from Australia from the US.
  • The ins-and-outs of working mine shutdowns.
  • The inner workings of McMahon Services and insight into the team.
  • The SafeCheck app and what it does.


McMahon Services  – Website

McMahon Services  – Facebook

SafeCheck – Website

SafeCheck – Facebook

Austin McWilliams – LinkedIn

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