About Full Production

Many podcasts flourish from humble beginnings, and Full Production is no exception.

The people you work with and the why behind the work are just as important as the outputs. This mindset has been the driver behind my more than 15+ year career in the mining industry.

In 2010 I started FACE Contracting, and since then it has evolved to become a preferred mine contracting outfit in Australia. We bring a unique mindset to the table by valuing meaningful connections with our workforce, team, clients, and wider industry. At FACE, you’re not just a number.

It’s this passion for people and the mining industry that drove me to launch the Full Production podcast. Every week I explore the conversations that are shaping the mining landscape with some of the top minds in the industry as my guests. I enable listeners to boost their careers and discuss ideas, so you can get the most out of today’s mining industry.

Click below to hear my full journey on episode 12 of Full Production.

         – Peter Finn


Our mission is simple. The Full Production Podcast wants to support non-profit organisations in Australia and around the world, that provide valuable resources and services to the mining industry. We want to give back to the industry that has given us so much and provide individuals and organisations the same opportunity.

We invite each guest who appears on Full Production to support our charities.

Miners' Promise logoMiners’ Promise is an independent not-for-profit organisation that provides practical, emotional and financial support to workers in the Australian resources sector and their immediate families when impacted by a crisis event or death. Listen to founding member Helen Fitzroy and Family Support Adviser Geniene on the podcast.​

Mining Legends logoThe Mining Legends Project is a community-driven initiative which was launched at the recent Worthy Parts, Industry Link Expo event in Kalgoorlie. It involves a complete rebuild on a R2900G Loader, with all parts and labour aimed to be pledged by donation. The machine will then be sold off to a mining company and proceeds distributed to several critical organisations and charities throughout the Goldfields and Australian Mining communities. Listen to Michael Worthington, owner of Worthy Parts and Industry Link Media, the man who is behind the concept on the podcast.

The current state of men’s mental health in Australia is quite frankly un-Australian. It’s time we all take a stand- it might be for you, your son, your brother, your dad, your mate. One things is certain: Its time for a change.
It’s time to Grab Life By The Balls.
Grab Life By The Balls is a proactive men’s mental health movement. Focusing on the solutions to the male mental health epidemic. Different to crisis and prevention, we see mateship as the key to men living more inspired, empowered and on purpose lives.
We do 3 things:
  1. We run grassroots events centred around mateship.
  2. Worlds biggest bbq. Coming in 2020. There’s nothing better than hanging with your mates around a bbq
  3. Happier workplaces. Programs designed for individuals and teams and empowering them to take control of their lives, unearth their own motivation and live happier lives (basically the HOW TO component of grabbing life by the balls)

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I started off as a mill operator in out at Deva mining in Cobar and then move into the underground at Peatwood McMahons and then from underground hard rock I decided to make a move to the Newcastle and the coal industry and which took me to different  areas and done bit more education and took me to a lot of different places geographically around Australia wherever be Queensland, the Bowen Basin, WA around Kalgoorlie area and it took me a lot of different industries as well.

Training was everything there the things that gave you the competencies you needed to be able to move forward and do that job to the best of your ability which was you know cost-effective and efficient for not only yourself as an individual in that role but also the company you may have been providing for work for at the time.

I definitely see it evolved in regards to people’s attitude towards other people and also processes and systems along that way, so change was a big thing to be able to improve for what we do.

I had thoughts about doing something different. I did dabble into it and I bought a pub for example and I guess sometimes it’s expanding outside of an industry what you know to realize it and appreciate what you’ve got and it come down to you know that dabble of outside the industry really made me appreciate how good the mining industry was and and how lucky I was to have these foundations and skill sets to be able to move forward. What was obviously the the dabble out of industry and then to come back and realize the gap that was required and the relationship you can build from the bottom to the top and being able to provide a service that I definitely seen an opportunity for.

So I started back out as a consultant, I figured if I was going to do this I wanted to do it as efficiently as possible and definitely be the best I can be in my field at the time was safety and training. Then from there it grew into labour hire and then so forth into the company of Facebook mining services, now its Face Contracting they come on board with Jason and a few other key personnel. 

A lot of it comes down to people, you treat people like people or how you’d like to be treated you’ll definitely get a lot more about it. I guess a big thing come about when I left industry and come back was that in past experiences people and including myself always got felt and treated like a number. Which was something that I figured you get so much more out of people by treating them like people and from there that attitude and no matter what school they will bring from a mining manager or a general manager right down to the new entry into the industry and if you can relate to all them people and treat them like humans you’re gonna get more efficiency out of them.

So you put them people in the right job and understand their skillset understand their role and understand what the management requirements are you can marry up the two pretty quickly and I guess that there are things that come back down to in regards to knowing the industry and knowing what the job is required and what tasks at hand. We’re not people that are fresh off the street and and trying to put people in positions, we actually know what it’s like to run operations, we know what it’s like to be the person that’s down in the in the hole working. We can fully relate to what’s required so the reality off that was surprising to get such growth in in a downtime but it really makes me hopeful and optimistic about the future what it brings them and when times turnaround and being out with aid ourselves as well as clients and people intern.