EP 96-01

EP.96 Aaron White on Putting Mining Life into Words and Connecting Through Mine Site Stories

We all have stories from mining life – some more believable than others! 

In this episode we chat to Aaron White, who is an Author, Podcaster, and Miner. He is also known as Aaron Weston, author of ‘FIFO what really happens after the plane takes off…’, a book full of stories of what goes in behind-the-scenes in mining life. 

In this episode, Aaron talks about his more than 15 years in the mining industry and the stories that led to him becoming an author, and even going on to write children’s books. 

Since recording this episode Aaron has also launched his own podcast, “The Aaron White Show”. 

We also discussed: 

  • The life of being an author and miner. 
  • What life was like growing up for Aaron. 
  • The importance of being present – especially in the mining industry. 
  • The ins and outs of writing a book. 
  • Working on-site and camp life. 
  • Transitioning to family life while working in the mining industry. 


FIFO what really happens after the plane takes off… – buy the book here 

Children’s Books by Aaron White – store  

The Aaron White Show – podcast on Apple Podcasts 

The Aaron White Show – podcast on Spotify 

Aaron White – Website 

Aaron White – Facebook 

Aaron White – Instagram 

Aaron White – Email 

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